Being the only state enterprise in the capital of Ukraine in the sphere of medical special-purpose motor vehicles, “Kievmedspetstrans” provides different transport services for the public and healthcare settings.

Among the variety of services which state enterprise “Kievmedspetstrans” provides to the people, such kind of service as transportation of patients all over the city of Kyiv and Ukraine holds the first place. Our services are provided by the modern special ambulance cars fitted with the environment control system and heating systems with set point temperature control on the way as well as during the long term stops. Such type of patient transportation is very important stage in delivery of health care, that is why, patient transportation in laying down requires special experience and driver skills, attentive behavior and cautiousness during the work, ability to avoid any risks such as: fast corners, undue speedup, braking etc.

The state enterprise “Kievmedspetstrans” has a sufficient quantity of experienced and qualified experts. It is factor which is a guarantee the safe and restoration the most important thing in peoples life – the health, what we always provide for our patients on a high level. 

The state enterprise “Kievmedspetstrans” executes the desires of the kievan and quests of the capital of Ukraine upgradable to their special transportation. With this objective in view we provides such important kinds of services as:

  • transportation from the hospital to the place of residence
  • transportation during the hospitalizing to the medical and preventive treatment facilities for different examinations (the medical transport vehicle is stand by during the passage of diacritical procedure )
  • move from the city or out of its borders during the summer time and coming back
  • put across to the airport, harbor station, railway station till the train and meeting near the train.


We perform this and other kinds of special auto transportation services with due diligence and in a timely manner.

Why it is better to make the order for services in our company:

  • We always offer you the most competitive price for the transportation services.
  • You will be provided with the special modern ambulance cars.
  • The services will be maintained by the professional and expert drivers of supreme qualification with the long – term work experience in the organization.
  • You will be provided with the appropriate type of transportation (laying down or in sitting position).
  • We provide you with the steady possibility of transportation of the attendant person (relatives, medical stuff etc.).
  • You will be provided with the special types of transportation all over the city of Kyiv, Kyiv region and Ukraine.
  • Always available lines to contact us and fast method for ordering the services.
  • You can choose the convenient payment method.
  • Twenty-four-hour order acceptance.


Telephone for service ordering:



044 418-88-50