Municipal Organization "Kyivmedspetstrans"

from the beginnings to the present days

     The origin of Emergency medical services in the city of Kiev took place in 1881, when for the first time ever in Russia, spontaneously of Kyiv city medical officer society was incorporated "Coterie of doctors to night watch".

Great beginning of Kyiv city medical officers had pleasant repercussion and on the 30th of June 1902 year, in the capital of our country the first in Russia first-aid station was incorporated, which operated around the clock. The medical stuff structure was consisted of head doctor, 8 duty doctors and several admissions.

Establishing an organization of sanitary automotive transport appeared in consequence of an accomplishment of Decision of Cabinet Council of the Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic “On farther integration of vehicle fleet and liquidation of unprofitable” and decision of Executive Committee of City Council of Working People's Deputies as of the 3rd of May 1960 year № 768, letter of the Ministry of Public Health of Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic as of the 15th of December 1960 year № 254-13/1-26 in the city of Kyiv at the address: 37 Lenina street, indoors of the first-aid station it was incorporated the motor depot  of  sanitary automotive transport.

In 2001 year, return thanks of Kyiv City State Administration and city health administration there were incorporated new premises at the address: 16 – V (B) Kurenevskaia str., which brought the opportunity for urgent provision of special ambulates in good repair for 193 city hospitals.

Municipal organization “Kyivmedspetstrans” is the largest haulage contractor of Ukraine which uses special medical transport vehicle. This kind of transport vehicle serves, twenty four – seven, all hospitals and other healthcare settings of our capital city.


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